Principles for A World Welcoming All Voices (Part 2)

Liberating Structures

by Keith McCandless and friends

Part 2: Exploring and Specifying Principles: Why Now?

Figure 2: Purpose defines “why we exist.” Principles are “what we say” to guide choices and keep the community together while moving toward purpose. Habits are “what we do” in our routine patterns of everyday activities. Purpose, Principles, and Habits interact and co-evolve over time. Habits tend to shift and adapt most quickly. Purpose and Principles endure over longer periods. The first decade of LS use focused more attention on habits: how to introduce, spread, and make routine liberating patterns.
Table 1: Ten LS principles (long form) published in The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures (2013)

Making A Transition to a More Welcoming World

Origin Story: Digging Deep for Principles in Practice

Figure 3: Hills in the Yellowstone region of south central Montana
Figure 4: Complexity concepts offered a “lens” to make sense of and describe how people were organizing while using LS. Many of the concepts are not intuitively obvious. More detail on “translating these concepts” to Liberating Structures here: More Magic, Less Mystery.
LS Principles playfully illustrated by Tracy Roberts, graphic facilitator and serious doodler.

Closing and A Recommendation

Photo by David Gasser

Keith is co-developer of Liberating Structures and co-author of the book The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures ...